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Lawn Care and Fertilization Annapolis, MD

We've been taking care of numerous lawns in Annapolis, Pasadena, Severna Park, Ellicott City, and other select cities in Maryland. With more than 120 years of combined experience, we bring to the table a level of understanding and expertise of what lawns need to stay healthy and vibrant. And among our areas of expertise is lawn care and fertilization, which is handled by a team of professional plant experts and landscaping crews.

Lawn Care and Fertilization Done Right

While it’s absolutely tempting to take care of your lawn’s needs into your own hands to save money or satisfy your DIY thirst, the results may not be what you expect. This is because lawn care and fertilization tasks require professionals with extensive relevant training and experience. Choosing the wrong fertilizer, for example, can do more harm than good to your plants.

Our company can guarantee that you can enjoy a stunning lawn with healthy annuals, perennials, shrubs, and turf. We never do guesswork but, instead, rely on our knowledge of various lawn care methods and access to the perfect materials and supplies needed to do our jobs well. In fact, all of our past clients in Annapolis and nearby MD locations praise our efficient handling of their lawn care and fertilization concerns. We follow a streamlined and results-oriented process that allows us to complete tasks quickly and correctly.

Lawn Care Tasks that We Perform

We can handle practically all the lawn care and fertilization concerns that commercial and residential property owners may have. The specific tasks that we can perform include mowing, trimming, aeration and dethatching, overseeding and resodding, weed control, mulching, and annual cleanups. Our crews are trained to perform these tasks efficiently and with emphasis on rendering outstanding outcomes, so you’re sure to get what you paid for in terms of work quality.

Expert Lawn Fertilization Services

Ensuring that your plantings, specifically your turf, get proper nutrients is a key task that should be handled by skilled crews like us. At AMJ Lawn & Landscape, Inc., we create a customized fertilization plan that will address your lawn’s particular needs. We consider the type of turf, the current season, present soil condition, and other relevant factors to make sure that we’re implementing the right plan.

Additionally, we always use the right type of nutrients for our fertilization projects. Whenever possible, we only use organic fertilizers so as not to cause undue harm to the environment. We have partner suppliers, so getting the perfect fertilizers is not a problem.

Why Hire Us for Your Lawn Care Needs?

There are several great reasons why we’re the perfect company to hire for your lawn care and fertilization needs. First is that we have solid logistics capabilities – materials, equipment, and partner suppliers. We also employ crews with necessary experience and certification, aside from having the most affordable rates among all landscaping companies in the state. Our level of professionalism is also unmatched and unquestionable.

So don’t waste time and call us now at 410-437-3027 for your lawn care and fertilization concerns. We can reach you wherever you may be in Annapolis, MD or other Maryland areas that we serve.

Commitment, Dedication, Passion and extremely capable. That's how I would describe AMJ--JM, Pasadena, MD


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