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Water Features

No private residence or commercial establishment (particularly in hospitality business like hotels) can be truly called “complete” without water features installed. Be it a lap pool or a sparkling wall waterfall, these amenities are crowd-pleasers that make any landscape doubly inviting and relaxing. And if you’re looking for a water feature installation company with proven results, then we at AMJ Lawn & Landscape, Inc. are your best pick.

Having worked on countless similar projects throughout our 19 years of doing business, we’ve become experts in designing and creating various water features. Our installations are all over Maryland, and we can provide you with a short list of our past projects so you can probably take a peek. Please contact us soon and let’s talk about your desired water feature amenities.

Why Invest in Water Features?

A lot of property owners are willing to spend a considerable amount of cash and invest time and energy just to have their dream water features installed. This is not surprising, given the therapeutic and relaxing effects that various waterscapes provide.

Through the years, we have handled some of the toughest waterscaping projects in the state, yet we have always come up with results that clients love. With us, you can expect a hugely improved landscape with gorgeous features, such as:

  • Koi ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Bird baths
  • Pools
  • Artificial streams

We can design and build any of these outdoor water amenities in a way that would bring out the natural beauty of your landscape. We promise that every water feature that we will install will enhance your outdoors’ appeal and make it more inviting for guests and family members. For example, we can include submersible lighting in your pond to create a dramatic, enchanting effect that will make heads turn. We can also come up with a specific theme that you fancy to achieve a look that will represent your design taste or complement other features in your landscape.

What Makes Our Water Feature Creations Stand Out?

For more than a decade, we have worked on some incredibly tough installation projects that have tested our creativity, skills, and logistics capabilities. But, consequently, we learned to raise the bar and outdo ourselves each time. The results are creatively designed and built water features that stand out both in terms of aesthetics, practical benefits, and longevity.

We hire only experienced builders and highly creative landscape designers with unmatched eyes for beauty. We can guarantee you that your dream water features will be carefully designed to achieve your desired theme or be strategically built to your preferred spot. We can also use our design software to let you see the features even before the actual installation. Accordingly, we can make changes if you want to fully satisfy your preferences. Only when you are fully amenable to our design proposal will we push through with the installation phase. Even then, we will provide regular updates so you can track our progress and suggest adjustments if possible.

Trusted Water Feature Installers in MD

Please don’t hesitate to call (410) 437-3027 for any of your water feature design and build concerns. We’ll be happy to discuss your desired water features and offer you some cool options from our portfolio. We service Pikesville, Potomac, Woodbine, Pasadena, and many other cities in Maryland.

Commitment, Dedication, Passion and extremely capable. That's how I would describe AMJ--JM, Pasadena, MD


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