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IRRIGATION: A precise method of getting water to the plants and grass automatically and without dragging hoses.

AMJ Custom Lawn Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems are a blend of correct timing and watering just the right amount for your conditions, and we provide an easy to use irrigation controller that mounts on the wall in the garage.  Think of it like a clock that starts and stops the system on a schedule. A Rain Sensor is incorporated to shut down the system in the event of heavier rains to prevent overwatering.  A combination of pop up sprays and rotors cover most of the properties and special drip tubing can handle custom installations like rows of shaded plants, vegetable gardens, potted plants and hanging baskets too.  A professional design keeps the water off the hard paved surfaces, keeps the water from running down the street, and is environmentally conscious with the products selected. And we include Spring and Winter Service Agreements so you’ll always have an AMJ Irrigation Specialist monitoring your system

What’s It Cost?

For a ¼ acre yard with a few plant beds, which is about 10,000 square feet, expect to invest about $4500.00.  Over the 15 plus year lifetime of the system, that’s only $300/year.  The biggest benefit is it’s all automatic.  No hoses to drag, no timers to adjust, no wasted time spent resetting sprinklers and no worrying about letting your investment in your plants and lawn go dry.   

What’s included in an AMJ Custom Lawn Sprinkler / Irrigation System?

AMJ will survey your yard and water supply first.  Knowing the available water supply, how and where the pipes can be connected, being aware of variations in soil conditions and the amount of sunlight each part of the yard gets, plus taking inventory of your plantings will make all the difference in providing you the best Sprinkler / Irrigation System.  From here we can create a design like you see in the bottom right of the picture collage showing the overlapping coverage needed.

Irrigation Collage.jpg

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Wanted to say thank you for a beautiful job. AMJ is a top notch landscape design company with professional and exceptional personnel. You went far beyond our expectations and we are thrilled with your work. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family and will certainly be in touch for future projects. Thanks again and well wishes to all of you ---Lori, Pasadena, MD


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