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LED Lighting

KTucker moonlight.jpgOnce you invest in a great Landscape Design and Plan, you can extend your enjoyment with LED Landscape Lighting.  We automatically include Landscape Lighting on every plan because we think it’s such a great enhancement to the Landscaping.

Landscape Lighting provides beauty and adds a warm glow to your home, showing off the architecture at night but it also adds and element of security by illuminating the whole house inexpensively. 

FAQ on LEDs:

LEDs use 80% less electricity that the halogen bulbs we used just 3-5 years ago.
LEDs don’t get as hot as halogens
LEDs come in “replacement lamps” if you already have fixtures and want to upgrade and start conserving energy right now.
LEDs last up to 40,000 hours vs only 2,000 for halogens and their color stays true throughout the life cycle, no yellowing or dimming like halogens.
LEDs allow us to use a smaller transformer and put more lights on the same transformer, thus reducing the overhead cost of having Landscape Lighting.  We can even expand your existing system by converting to LEDs.

Want to see the architecture of your home differently than you’ve experienced it before?  A typical 7 up-light LED Landscape Lighting System with transformer and timer mounted in the garage will light the front of most homes beautifully for about $2995. And uses less that $5.00 / month in electricity. 

So you have had AMJ Landscape Inc. install specimen plants in your gardens and pavers for your walkways, your lawn and shrubs are all trimmed and your landscaping investment is lit up and beautiful, plus you can see that no one is lurking in the shadows—just a nice thing to come home to whether you are out on the town or just getting home from work. 

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Sometimes you are not sure you got the right guys but AMJ is solid. Everything they said they would do was done and more. Cannot say enough about how stress-free this experience was for me. --JT, Gambrills, MD


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